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focused on Occupational Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

Now in it’s 6th edition, HESS Awards scheme has for the past five years championed the cause of promoting the adoption of best HSSE Practices. The purpose of the Awards is to create awareness, raise the bar of excellence and showcase success thereby encouraging companies and individuals to adapt best HSSE practices and uphold the highest standards of HSSE management. Besides being the first awards scheme that performs both on-site and off-site assessment as part of the evaluation process in measuring the performance of participating companies, we have seen tremendous and consistent improvement in the performance of participating companies since the first edition.

It is motivating indeed to see that many corporations are becoming more committed to and concerned with the wellbeing of the environment and the health, safety and security of its employees and other stakeholders. Others have also gone on to win contracts and all, with these testaments we are encouraged to do more in the years ahead.

The HESS awards is an initiative aimed at identifying, publicly recognizing and celebrating companies, teams and individuals for their exceptional performance and innovations focused on occupational health, the environment and employees and stakeholder’s safety and security.

The awards celebrate companies, teams and individuals who have been successful in the course of the year under review in managing the risk of workplace development and their health, safety, security and the environment.

The awards are intended to promote the implementation of best practice in H.S.S.E Management Systems, which embody the classical model for continual improvement through the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle.

Ultimately, HESS awards is aimed at creating awareness, raising the bar of excellence and showcasing success, thereby encouraging others to adopt best HSSE practices and uphold the highest standards of HSSE management, striving for continuous improvement and excellence within their organizations at all times.

Ianmatsun Global Services has played an active role in championing the adoption of best HSSE practices among companies through the coveted ‘HESS Awards’ for the past 6years.

The Hess Awards endeavors to raise the bar on HSSE practices across industry with a view to foster an industrial climate in Ghana that is in harmony with nature while protecting the health, safety and security of all stakeholders. Because at Ianmatsun Global Services, we believe, industry in Ghana has an active role to play in sustainable development and progress of national objectives and goals.

Over the years, the awards had been taking different growth directions and continuously improvised to meet the evolving requirements and norms.

Message from the Events Director

The recent pandemic has had a transformational impact on how we all look at our environment, our health & our safety. The impact on HSSE has been significant where we saw HSSE stakeholders playing a leading role in ensuring care for people even as organizations strived to maintain business continuity. Sustainability is a key agenda today and the expectations on this front, across the world and across stakeholders, are continuously rising. We are all also part of an industrial transformation that is being marked by new opportunities as a result of pervasive connectivity, industry-wide digitalization and a high demand for partnerships and collaboration. These trends are not only changing the nature of our workplaces, the way we work, but is throwing up a host of new opportunities that can make HSSE practices even more robust, backed by organization-wide engagement & commitment. This thus places an even greater demand on all of us to keep abreast of the new development in the HSSE arena, be self-aware, learn from best practices, be inspired & inspire others- in order to build workplaces. – that bring out the best from each individual as well as the organization as a whole.

It is therefore evident that the benefits of HSSE practices go above and beyond merely preventing incidents such as injuries, Illnesses, and harmful environmental releases…. New technology and regulations, intense competition and changes in consumer attitudes have made HSSE a vital and valuable initiative. Best HSSE practices makes employees feel safer and more valued, leading to a positive effect on employee morale, retention and productivity. When HSSE is implemented with a focus on the best industry standards, environmental leadership, and providing employees with a safe, secured and healthy workplace, it actually benefits the bottom line. The customer and society are more aware and conscious of sustainability and HSSE-related issues, which present an opportunity to promote your company’s HSSE efforts, protect and enhance reputation as well as mitigate risks.

Responsible Environment, Health and Safety practices are foundational for every enterprise. Understanding the importance of developing consciousness and adoption of best HSSE practices in every organization is the need of the hour.

All places of work – industries, offices, universities, medical institutions, government and social organizations must adhere to very strong Health, Environment, Safety & Security (HESS) standards meticulously to withstand the climate change effects.

Ian Nana Adu-Gyamfi Isaac

Executive Director

Ianmatsun Global Services Ltd

20th February 2024 – Opening of Nominations

18th April 2024 – Closing of Nominations EXTENDED TO 15TH May 2024.

10th April 2024 – Assessment Start

28th June 2024 – Day of Awards

The five star red carpet awards dinner will be held at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Time: RedCarpet Starts at 6pm

Some of our 2022 award winners in pictures

Some of our 2021 award winners in pictures

Some of our 2020 award winners in pictures

Some of our 2019 award winners in pictures


Our awards are carefully managed to guard the credibility and ensure its sustainability. The awards are supervised by a board of eminent Ghanaians comprising the following:

Associate Professor, Department of Education, University of Cape Coast

Prof. C. K. Agezo

Associate Professor

BoardChairman of MIIF

Prof. Douglas Boateng

Awarding Board Chairman

A retired Safety Professional who specialized in designing, planning, certification and consulting on working at heights. Spent most of his working life in the UK till returning to Ghana in early 2000. Introduced SGB UK Systems Scaffolding and Formwork in Ghana and acted as its local representative/distributor in the quest of halting Wawa boards traditionally used for scaffolding and formwork in Ghana. Nana is also the Executive Director of Road Safety Advocates Ghana (RoSAG) and President of SafetyGhana.

Nana Annor Amihere II

Executive Board Chairman (GhISEP)



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