Awards Category

1. Best Community Involvement Hospital/Clinic 2. Best Company in Customer Safety and Security Practices 3. Best Company in Eco-Friendly Product Manufacturing/Supply 4. Best Company in Employee Road safety Education 5. Best Company in Employee Safety and Security Management 6. Best Company in Environmental Management Practices 7. Best Company in Fire Safety and Security Management Practices 8. Best Company in Data Security Management Practices 9. Best Company in Health & Safety Campaign 10. Best Company in Health and Safety Management Practices 11. Best Company in HESS Compliance, Reporting & Monitoring 12. Best Company in on-site Safety Awareness and Communication 13. Best Company in Process Safety & Quality Management Process 14. Best Company in Product Safety & Quality Management Practices 15. Best Company in Warehouse Safety and Security Management 16. Best Company in Waste Management & Recycling Practices 17. Best Contractor Insurance Policy Provider 18. Best Employee Health Insurance Scheme Provider 19. Best Company in Employee Health & Well-being Initiatives 20. Best Environmental Protection Campaign Award 21. Best Property & Fire Insurance Policy Provider 22. Best Public Health Awareness Education Initiative Award 23. Sustainability and Operational Excellence Award 24. Construction Safety Company of the year 25. Educational Facility Excellence Award 26. CSR Excellence Award 27. Electronic Security Solutions Provider of the year 28. Employee Empowerment Excellence Award 29. Fire Safety and Security Solutions Provider of the year 30. Fleet Safety Excellence Award 31. Food Facility Excellence Award (Manufacturing/Hospitality/Restaurant/Catering) 32. Food Safety Company of the Year  (Manufacturing/Hospitality/Restaurant/Catering Services) 33. Food Safety Professional of the year 34. Healthcare Facility Excellence Award 35. HESS CEO of the year 36. HESS Company of the year 37. HESS Manager of the year 38. HESS Team of the Year 39. HESS Training Institute of the year 40. Hospitality Facility Excellence Award 41. HSE Consulting Firm of the year 42. Management of Driving Safety (MODS) Excellence Award 43. Manufacturing Facility Excellence Award 44. Most Environmentally Friendly Waste Management Company 45. Most Improved Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) Company of the Year. 46. Most Innovative Healthcare Solution Technology of the year 47. Most Outstanding Contribution for Energy Conservation 48. Most Outstanding Contribution for Sustainable Development 49. Most Security and Safety Conscious Company of the year 50. Patient Safety & Security Excellence Award 51. Physical & Integrated Security Solutions Company of the year 52. Retail & Shopping Centre Facility Excellence Award 53. Safer Logistics Company of the year 54. Service Station Facility Excellence Award 55. Warehouse Facility Excellence Award 56. Waste Management innovation Award 57. Waste Management & Recycling Facility Excellence Award 58. Wellness/Chiropractic Facility Excellence Award 59. Young Safety professional Excellence Award 60. Safety Professional Excellence Award 61. Best Company in Quality of Service Delivery
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